Image credit: ABC Launceston

The $360,000 ABC building in Launceston was opened in 1972 and was said to contain the most luxurious news room in Tasmania. Fully carpeted, centrally heated and air conditioned, it also contained a device to quieten all noise from typewriters down to a whisper. The remainder of the building contained 10 offices, two studios and a dark room. Architects from the ABC’s Sydney offices designed the building on consultation with officers from the Commonwealth Department of Works.

A report in The Examiner Newspaper on November 10, 1972 said, “ABC architects and consultants are well pleased with the ultra-modern building which they agree is of unique design in Australia and perfectly suited to its prestige site”. Four years ago the building was revamped and once again ABC Northern Tasmania led the way with the station being the first to get the new “corporate look”. Next month the broadcast studios will be upgraded and replaced with new digital technology aimed at improving reliability of transmission.

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Address: 45 Ann Street, East Launceston

Highlights: If you're lucky you might even get a chance to test your skills out on the green screen!

Building specs: Type: radio broadcast building. Built: 1972.


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