No part of Hobart has more significant cultural heritage than the Battery Point precinct. The Battery Point Sculpture Trail celebrates this heritage and reinforces the link to the shoreline through installations of public art. Explore and enjoy at your own leisure. Click here to download the self-guided trail map.

Public art of Sullivans Cove

You can also take the tour with your very own audio guide. Simply download the audio file and open it in any compatible music player, like iTunes. Place the podwalk audio file onto a personal media player, such as an iPod, to provide an enjoyable and entertaining guide. Click here to download the audio guide.

for more information check out the City of Hobart website.

Address: Starts at the base of the silos in Salamanca Place to Marieville Esplanade, Battery Point

Highlights: Award-winning sculpture, graphic design and interpretation

Building specs: Type: Sculpture. Year Built: 2010. Concept and Design: Futago, in collaboration with Judith Abell and Chris Viney.


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