Image credit: Florance Hotel

This grand old lady sits on land that has served as a garden, a nursery and an orchard and has supplied locals with imported plants from England. Constructed in 1897 by owner Edwin H. Reading, the Victorian building has had a series of owners and has housed a pathology practice and then a doctors surgery. Her latest owners, Toby and Kate, have lovingly restored and transformed her into a refined and elegant boutique accommodation that celebrates the charm and history of the original building.

Come along and explore the history of the building (perhaps catch a glimpse of the hidden loft space) and see how it has been revived to be a chic yet demure option in Launceston’s growing accommodation offering and given a life well into the future.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 17 Brisbane Street, Launceston

Building specs: Type: Adaptive re-use/accommodation. Built: 1897 Restored: 2017


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