Wedged between the Brooker Highway and the Derwent River, Goodwood was originally developed as public housing estate and is the northern suburbs’ quiet achiever.

Take a scenic drive around its distinctive circular layout, replete with a vast open space at its centre. At the bottom of the hill on Acton Crescent is Goodwood Community Centre, a mud-brick building hand-built in the early 1980s at the suggestion of the minister for community welfare to cut building costs. 40 army personnel were recruited from nearby Dowsing Point to make the 4500 bricks, left to bake in the sun for a week and stacked for eight weeks to complete the drying process.

Goodwood locals are on hand to reminisce about the construction as well as their community garden, which bursts with fresh produce. Then, make your way up the hill to Karadi Aboriginal Corporation, which has commanding view across the northern suburbs to the mountain and a community garden that features indigenous edibles and fibrous plants for weaving.

Image: TBC

Address: 20 Acton Crescent and Rothesay Circle, Goodwood

Highlights: Hand-built mud-brick building, community gardens, incredible views

Building specs: Type: Community centre, urban plan. Year Built: 1984


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