Image Credit: Julian Worrall

Design Tasmania, in conjunction with the University of Tasmania, presents Japan: Archipelago of the House – an exhibition of contemporary Japanese architecture of the house and home.

This exhibition taps into our innate nature to be curious about how other people live.  If you are evenly as remotely as obsessed with Japanese culture, houses or architecture as we are, then this is a must see.  The exhibition focuses on Japanese housing typologies breaking them into three “chapters” – Yesterday’s Houses, Today’s Houses and Houses of Tokyo.

This is only the second time this exhibition has been showcased in Australia (and in English) so take a moment to appreciate this opportunity as you enjoy it courtesy of our friends at the University of Tasmania and Design Tasmania.

Read the (far more eloquent) ARCHITECTURE AU review here.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: Design Tasmania, the corner of Brisbane and Tamar St, Launceston

Highlights: Japanese houses galore.

Building specs: Type: Exhibition.


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