Eye-catching to say the least, this is one of Launceston’s post-modern gems! An operating eye diagnostic clinic and surgery, the building sits on the site of a defunct petrol station, with the operating theatre in the site of the original service hoist.

Designed by prominent Tasmanian architect, Robert Morris-Nunn, the exterior was designed to echo the adjacent large bluestone walls. Its vast curve tells the internal story of a plan that reflects the Eye of Horus, with the eye as a consistent motif and visual reference found throughout the building. This building is both delightful and sublime.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 262 Charles St, Launceston

Highlights: Working eye hospital with eye motifs throughout, tour lead by original architect, Robert Morris-Nunn.

Building specs: Type: Eye Hospital. Built: 1993.


Robert Morris-Nunn


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