Photographer: Nick Cashion

The Launceston Fire Brigade rose out of many small brigades in the 1800’s (supported by various insurance companies) which went on after the Fire Brigades Act 1883 to develop a coordinated and unified approach with a legally constituted board to administer a common approach to command. Housing the heroic fire crews that keep this city safe, the first stone was laid at the United Fire Brigade in Brisbane St in 1882 and the building went on to be completed with a bell tower! This former home to the fire brigade responded to the necessity of a growing city, protecting its residents from fire. The new home of this life saving essential service was built in 1938 in Paterson street and is home to the original site ‘reclaimed’ by crews, the building is registered by the National Trust!

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 85-89 Patterson Street, Launceston

Highlights: Memorabilia, and the story of the original bell that is on display.

Building specs: Type: 24hr operational fire brigade. Built: 1938.


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