Image: Maylands Lodge

Maylands Lodge was designed by renowned architect Henry Hunter for John Pearce, whose father Henry had been transported to Van Diemen’s Land for stealing and later worked as a market gardener on the land that Maylands Lodge sits on today. Built in the 1880s, this ‘trophy mansion’ was John Pearce’s statement of his success, aimed at stripping the label ‘son of convict’ associated with his name. The lodge has been home to the Pearce and Brownell families, the Hobart Girls’ School and the Salvation Army. The recent restoration of Maylands Lodge took two years to complete, with each of the 12 guest rooms paying homage to the heritage of the building while adding a contemporary touch.

Address: 40 Swanston Street, New Town

Building specs: Type: Historical home/accommodation. Built: 1885-1887. Architect: Henry Hunter


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