Image: Morrison & Breytenbach Architects

There is nothing quite as seductive as the tactile quality of a real three-dimensional model held in the hand and up to eye level for our clients to discover and delight in the special properties and spatial arrangement of a proposed design.

Physical models add a wonderful dimension to Morrison & Breytenbach Architects’ creative, collaborative process, which explores ideas and client values that are unique to each commission. Despite today’s realistic three-dimensional computer modelling, we find that there is a time during our design process when we and our clients benefit from design exploration through rudimentary model building.

Visit us at our practice at 82 Warwick Street, the recycled Halls Machinery Building, to look over and into our array of working models from past projects.

Address: 82 Warwick Street, Hobart

Highlights: Architectural office space, architectural models. adaptive reuse.

Building specs: Type: Offices, Architects Studio. Built: Unknown, 2005. Architects: Unknown, Morrison & Breytenbach Architects.


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