A pub for the first 100 years of its life, Mountain Retreat Medical Centre was converted into a medical practice in the 1970s. But its narrow single entry porch off Macquarie Street was difficult to use for many of the clinic’s clients.

So four new suites were built adjacent to the old building in 2012, beautifully encased in a new copper-clad “outbuilding” resembling the stables that may well have housed the horses of those who used to drink at the pub.

Each suite has floor to ceiling windows overlooking a vertical garden, providing natural light while maintaining privacy. The clinic’s new entry ramp is defined by a folded concrete seat, which also doubles as a bus stop.

Address: 430 Macquarie St, South Hobart

Highlights: Contemporary consultation suites, copper-clad outbuilding

Building specs: Type: Medical centre. Year Built: 2012. Architects: Circa Morris-Nunn


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