Image: Peter Whyte

Back by popular demand, Chris Clinton’s award-winning New Town Road House is a configuration of a simple shop into a two-bedroom unit. Originally built in 1962 as a boot maker’s shop, the building is today an exemplar of how much space and comfort can be achieved on a tiny site, just 76 square metres.

The floor space has been expanded while still retaining the existing building. The constraints of size and access have led to a variety of space-saving innovations including movable components to allow for adaptable spaces.  A fascination with raw materials – both new and recycled – is evident throughout. Carefully framed views, attention to detail and low energy consumption all result in a unique model for inner urban living with its own quirks and touches of bling.

Address: 62 New Town Road, New Town

Highlights: Home and Studio, Craftsmanship, designed and built by architect owner, Small scale living, sustainable design

Building specs: Type: House (Fish and chip shop conversion). Year Built: 2014 (renovation)


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