Image credit: Paddy Dorney

This dwelling, redesigned and built by Paddy Dorney for his family, is perched on the hill overlooking the city of Launceston. Informed by sunlight, the building acts as a light catcher, beautifully addressing the failures of the 1950s and 60s brick veneer Australian villa.

16 Denison Grove is a long running series of  experiments in sustainability and reinvented space. This could be ethically done as it was one of the architect’s own houses. The project took a small, standard, 1960 brick veneer Australian villa and its garden exploring affordable redesign, seeking a spatial and cultural relevance for a new millennium. Respecting the original building and garden while identifying and responding to their historic limitations. Designed over a number of years in the early 2000s, the rebuild commenced in 2010 and has only recently reached completion in 2018. It has been a long labour of love which may be evident to the visitor.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 16 Denison Gve, West Launceston

Highlights: Sweeping, sun-catching rooves and thermally efficient re-design.

Building specs: Type: Renovated house. Built: 1960. Extension: 2018.


Paddy Dorney


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