Photo provided with compliments of The Riverfront Motel

The Riverfront Motel was built in 1960 on the banks of the River Derwent for passing travellers on the new Brooker Highway. Part of Glenorchy’s post-war suburban and industrial boom, neighbours included Claudio Alcorso’s Moorilla property (now MONA), the Electrolytic Zinc Company’s smelting works, and Cadbury’s art deco chocolate factory and housing estate.

Major extensions to the dining room were completed in 1970, with a bar, function space, dance floor, and additional storey added. The motel is now undergoing sensitive refurbishment and still includes many original features in the restaurant, guest rooms, a large mid-century house and the iconic Royal Arch.

Address: 11 Strathaven Drive, Rosetta

Highlights: Variety of post-war architectural commercial, residential and civic design in riverside setting, adjacent to Mona

Building specs: Type: Mid-century suburban motel reception block, restaurant and rooms, plus modernist residential house and Googie-style civic arch. Built: 1954 and 1960. Alterations: 1970.


John Anderson


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