Photographer: Anne Neal

This house, with its open plan, circular form and steel construction is a significant building demonstrating Australia’s adoption of the idealistic and optimistic modernist design principles of European and American architects following the end of World War II. The house is actually polygonal in plan but gives the appearance of being circular. Despite this circular plan, the house has proved to be immensely liveable and the views from one side of the house through the circular courtyard to the interior of the other side and the garden beyond are always changing as the light changes.

Houses such as the Rostella Road House had enormous influence on architect-designed project homes that came later with their increased interest in the relationship between the interior and the exterior and the move to more open plan designs.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 13 Rostella Road, Dilston, Launceston

Highlights: A modernist house designed and built in the mid 1950s. The circular shape and steel frame construction reflect the optimism of the post-war period.

Building specs: Type: Residential building. Built 1955.


D Graeme Lumsden


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