Image: Katie Katos

The first of five churches designed by Esmond Dorney, St Therese of Lisieux was built in Hobart in 1952. The then Archbishop of Hobart, Ernest Victor Tweedy allowed Dorney the chance to explore Modernist ideas, which he fully realised with St Pius X Church in Taroona five years later. A Proto Modernist building, St Therese’s features a tall slit window, which floods glorious natural morning light across the wall at the front of the church. The massive wooden crucifix is fixed clear of the wall to allow the light to bleed past it, floating the crucifix above the altar.

Address: 24 Hopkins Street Moonah

Building specs: Type: Church. Built: 1952, extended late 1950s. Architect: Esmond Dorney, Roderick Cooper


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