Image: Paddy Dorney

Designed by Esmond Dorney, the Tate House sits above the river’s edge with 180 degree views of the estuary and the hills and bays of the far shore.  The immediate foreground was originally beach and boat sheds, now slightly masked by later development. The house is a continuation of the form and structural technology of the Dorney Shack (1957) and the Young (Butterfly) House of 1958. With immediate street frontage, this design needed to find a different solution from those two projects to ensure privacy in a developing suburban context. Allied to some solid panels, a slightly deeper setback allows the garden to mask the glazing. The form itself responds directly to the hills on the eastern horizon, offering a relaxed logic to the street view.

Address: 104 Flinders Esplanade, Taroona

Building specs: Type: House. Built: 1958. Architect: Esmond Dorney


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