Shrouded in haberdashery, a menswear store and tailor – the iconic Neil Pitt’s – is housed by the Majestic Theatre, which sadly ceased operation in 1970 as it could no longer complete with television and radio! Built and opened in 1917, the Majestic was built specifically for cinema. In the early days, musicians would pop in to provide live sound tracks and music for films showing. Today you can see remnants of both of its lives, especially if you get a back stage pass: remnants of its traditional tailor and store past are evident through cash registers, bobbins of thread and industrial sowing machines, and the extraordinary workings of a cinematic theatre are evident, with the projector returned in 2017 and housed in the main sales showroom. There are so many jewels to discover in this building – tales of the past that give the visitor a unique story.

Image: Jennifer Nichols

Address: 76 Brisbane St, Launceston

Highlights: Original theatre, working sewing room & sign-writing remnants.

Building specs: Type: Theatre with retail. Built: 1917. Architect: unknown.


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