Photographer: Nina Hamilton

If you love tweed, blankets, felted cloth, skirting and flannel, then this is the place for you! Waverley Mills, situated on the idyllic banks of Distillery Creek, is an intriguing look into Launceston’s manufacturing history. Established in 1874 by Scotsman Peter Bulman, Waverley Mills is Australia’s oldest working textile mill and producer of designer wool products, with 150 years of experience producing the highest quality goods. Housed in an eclectic group of buildings, it tells the tale of Tassie’s domination of the textile manufacturing industry in Australia, which once could boast of producing 80% of our woollen blankets! A treasure not only in its built form, but also in its insight into an iconic Aussie industry.

Download the full Open House Launceston PDF program here

Address: 45 Waverley Road, Launceston

Highlights: Working woollen mills, industrial machinery, eclectic collection of buildings and saw tooth roof.

Building specs: Type: Working woollen mill.


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