In recognition of the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, our 2019 members’ exhibition pays homage to the process of design by making: a process of experimentation with techniques and materials in the development of ideas and production of new work.

Whilst the name of the Bauhaus is usually associated with a range of iconic modernist furniture and product designs, the influence of the Bauhaus on design education was perhaps just as significant. The curriculum reflected a pragmatic approach to integrating design and colour theory with technical and material experimentation, and this “hands-on” approach became the basis for the way design was taught in numerous institutions from that point onwards.

Participating artist/designers include Andrea Barker, Arita Ghedini, Christiane Knight, Christine Hannan, David Shaw, David Pannell, Kirsty Flint, Linda Chee, Linda Fredheim, Melinda Antal, Natasa Milenovic, Penny Malone, Penny Ruthberg, Renata Carmichael, Sonja Cook, Svend Madsen, Till Julien, Tony Stuart, Zsolt Faludi.

Visit the website to find out more here.

Address: Kingborough Community Hub, 7 Goshawk Way, Kingston, Tas

Date/time: Daily, 10 am - 5 pm

Cost: Free event


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